mimosines moda infantil

C/ Nueva, 39 – 41, Local 26

41927 Mairena del Aljarafe (Sevilla)

Telf. 955 238 520



We are a business dedicated to ready-made clothing for children. We include clothing sizes from birth to six years of age. Although we only started with the signature brand name ‘Mimosines’ six months ago, we have great experience from previously working for 25 years in the textile sector in which we worked with a children’s fashion firm which was consolidated fifty years ago, in which I formed part of as a shareholder and with great power in the business.

Our designs are made with fabrics, laces, high quality strips and our providers are Spanish which also have many years of experience in this sector.

We base clothing mainly on classic styles but still agreeing with today’s current fashion. We design and make these goods from newborn; we make gowns (including christening and baby Jesus gowns), T-shirts, sheet sets, and quilts for pushchairs and cots. We also make mats for pushchairs as a matching set with gowns and dresses etc.

We are also specialised in designing complete clothing families so that that it is a matching set with the same model design such as dresses and hoods, bubblers. Matching sets for girls include dresses, hoods, panties which we call ‘The Doll outfit’.

mimosines moda infantil